Our Infant Program

Hours of Operation & Capacity

The infant room operates from 7:30am - 5:30pm for newborns to children aged 18 months. Both full-time and part-time care is available to best suit your family's needs.

At full capacity, the infant room will accommodate 10 infants.

Schedule & Activities

The schedule for infants is flexible; diapering, feeding and sleeping is based on infants' individual needs. Floor time offers planned and spontaneous activities that provide opportunities for language development, large and small motor development, dramatic play and cognitive learning.

Other activities and learning centres available for the infants throughout the day include creative activities, dramatic centre, gross motor, circle time, sensory experiences and outdoor play. Once a week the infants will have the opportunity to enjoy a cooking activity.


Our infant teachers are warm, talented and caring. Our infant teachers will provide a safe and stimulating environment that will offer guidance and learning experiences to further enhance growth and development.

Our warm and nurturing staff is looking forward to providing a safe, healthy, and stimulating program for your children!

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Other Activities and Learning Centres

The daily program for infants is varied and flexible. Activities will include both group and individual play and are appropriate to the developmental level of the children.

“Infant Daily Report Sheets” are posted for all parents. The Infant Daily Report Sheet outlines the Infant’s daily fluid and food intake, diaper changes, sleep time and any additional special activities. Parents have the opportunity to share any news about their child on a daily basis, for example, how they ate or slept the night before.